I’m WHAT size?!?!?

size matters

So, you’ve said yes to the wedding – and a million decisions need to be made.

All of them involve planning and coordination. And finding the right dress is always one of the top items on the list.

You already know what size you are – and you know what size you want to be. And over the months, you’ll notice that if you plan to change your shape too radically, fitting the dress will have a few extra steps. We love helping every bride look her most beautiful – so never be afraid of setting goals, or changing goals, or even being radical enough to accept and celebrate everything about your size.

It’s important to remember this because most brides are unprepared for the sticker shock nobody talks about:
Bridal Dress Sizes Are Smaller Than You Expect.

You’re an 8 in the real world – why on earth are you a 12 in bridal dresses?

You starved yourself for this? You worked out all those hours to be THIS size?

Hold on, take a deep breath, and realize that this is normal.

There are different theories as to why bridal dress sizes differ so much from ready to wear. Many designers come from Europe, where it is customary to make finer distinctions between small sizes. Others point out that the dress industry is old-fashioned and hasn’t yet figured out that our diets and exercise regimens have changed. Our bodies are shaped differently than they used to be.

For whatever reason, the big message we want you to hear is that none of it matters. Select the silhouette and shape that makes you feel you’re at your best. Let us serve you to bring out something special in every gown we carry. And forget about numbers. Anyone who thinks that off the rack department store sizes reflect reality has not had the luxury of a custom-tailored dress.

So, what do I do now?

Come see us. We encourage you to take your measurements and use the sizing charts from each designer, so you won’t be too surprised when you arrive. Then, let us take your measurements for you ourselves– you may find that our experience can result in a more exact fit.

Come in ready to make changes. The notion that a perfectly fitting dress will fall off the rack isn’t realistic. You are a unique person. You deserve a dress to be fit to you by an expert. And you don’t deserve to be shamed because dress manufacturers decided decades ago that women had to conform to their sizes. Don’t hesitate to express any concerns about alterations. They’re part of the process, and you want expert hands to help you.

Keep looking at pictures! Not only is it helpful to know the look you’re after, but may help you to see what others who are wearing similar designs have done. Ask us for links to the pictures that inspire us. And remember, how you look at bridal photos matters. Look for the timeless beauty, not the fashion of the moment.

And remember to have fun! We’d rather hear a question than read your mind. And there’s no fun in letting your dressmaker take a random guess about what you want on the most important day of your life. We’re here to give you the best price, selection, and service in San Antonio. Let’s make it a fun process and let our experience work for you!

Call us to make an appointment at (210) 828-5757.

Let us show you what’s possible when a professional gives you the attention you deserve.

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