“But I have pictured this exact dress my whole life!”

You have imagined what you’ll look like as a bride for years. You’ve bought hundreds of magazines, capture stills from the movies where a bride looks like you want to look. And you’ve found the dress!  The one dress that will be the perfect foundation for your entire wedding.

And you find it in a store near you, and you call your bridesmaids, and as many friends as the shop will entertain at once, and you go to try it on. This is your moment. Your journey to beautiful bride begins here.

And you hate it.

It looks awful on you. The worst thing is, you see it first. And as your wedding party coos over you and tells you how beautiful you are, you struggle with tears. This was your dress. And it’s all wrong.

Before you blame yourself (or your figure, or your lunch, or your mom’s genes), take a deep breath. This is entirely normal.

its ok to hate your dress

We’ll get through this!

One fact that many new brides aren’t prepared for is that they might hate their dream dress. It happens more than you think.

What do you do when you hate your dream dress?

You let it go. There are all kinds of quirks about wedding dresses that differ wildly from our expectations in the real world. Maybe your dream dress is strapless, and you NEVER wear strapless. You won’t like it.

Maybe the sleeves are gorgeous and elegant, and you have always wanted those words to apply to you. Then the dress gets on, and you can’t raise your arms above your waist. You don’t get extra points on your wedding day for suffering through dress-induced paralysis. You let it go.

Or the dress could be perfect for a ceremony inside a church, but as you look down at the ten-foot train, you realize that getting married on a fishing pier at the lake resort is going to be complicated. All you can see is the picture of you and the entire wedding party falling into the water after someone trips on your dress. Nobody wants that picture to show up on Buzzfeed.

Or the bodice is designed for a giraffe-woman and you’d never noticed. Maybe the neckline would be fine for Emma Stone, but you are having a hard time containing yourself. The truth is, there are thousands of reasons why you might hate your dream dress.

Instead of being angry, realize a couple of things:

You’re in a place where this happens. A lot. We can help you make sense of what you wanted when you found that dress, and how to give that to you in another style.

We can change more than you think we can. Don’t disqualify a dress just because it doesn’t magically jump off the hangar onto your body like a Disney movie. We’re here to make it work, and the first time is always the hardest.

But most importantly, remember this. Hating your dream dress can be a blessing. Suddenly, everything is open to you. All you need is someone who knows how to make dresses work – and how cares about listening to you.

That’s us. So call and make an appointment today at (210) 828-5757. And when you come in, bring in photos of the dream dress. It might be the most perfect thing we can all imagine for you. But just in case it isn’t, don’t be afraid to say so.

Because our service is about listening to you. And giving you all we can to make your selection perfect on your wedding day. Give us a call.

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