What Every Bride Should Know About Shopping for Wedding Dresses

You’ve said yes to the man – you’ve probably decided on a wedding date and location. Now all you need is a dress! You are certain that you know what you want, whose opinion you value most when you need an extra pair of eyes on your choices, and you’re certain that you know what looks good on you.

What could go wrong?

Quite a bit. Ask any bride who has gone through a bad dress experience. When the dress doesn’t come together right, it makes a bride feel too vulnerable. Like something is off. And if she is running out of time and hasn’t prepared herself for what can go wrong, then she feels not just vulnerable but exposed. And it’s that fear of vulnerability and exposure that can create a Bridezilla from the kindest of women. Nobody is born wanting to be a Bridezilla. If you don’t know how to prepare for your dress purchase and fitting, you can see things go wrong quickly.


Here are the most important things to know before buying a dress.

It’s not always as simple as pulling a dress you like.

The chances of walking into a boutique such as Mayfair Bridal and discovering a couture dress that fits you like your own skin when it arrives from the designer is almost nil. The world just doesn’t work like that. So going in, it’s important to know that changes will have to be made, probably more than once.

Know Your Budget Before Your Appointment.

This doesn’t just mean knowing how much you’ll be able to spend as part of your overall budget; you should be prepared to feel pressure from many sides as the process goes on. You might see a dress that calls out to you “I’m the one! I’m the one!” even though it’s far outside of your budget. “Oh, try it on anyway,” someone who isn’t paying for it will tell you – and once you see it on, even if you decide not to stretch your budget to buy it, it can make choosing another dress feel like you’re settling.

Give Yourself Time Enough Time To Enjoy the Appointment.

This doesn’t just mean beginning your dress buying process far enough in advance of the wedding to account for any problems. Nobody – especially your bridal boutique – wants to race against time. But also, make sure you have an appointment; and don’t plan anything right after the first appointment. Give yourself time to digest what you’re going to do. Take the day or the afternoon off if you can. Make sure you make your appointment at a time that doesn’t make you rush to drive somewhere else right afterward. Don’t rush yourself. This is too important.

Don’t assume that a dress won’t work for you because of location.

Our fitting staff can do amazing things. If you want silk, don’t avoid silk dresses because you’re going to get married on the beach in Hawaii. Tell us as much as you can about what you want and where you’ll be. We can do much more to get you the perfect dress than you might think. We’ve been doing this for a while.

So ask questions. More than you think you should.

Because that still might not be enough!  We’re very good at what we do, and we know what we can and can’t provide. If you come in planning to buy a dress four sizes smaller than you are today, then tell us this is your plan. We almost always recommend that you shop for the body you have today, but we know how brides think. Our experience has taught us how different changes in your body might change how your dress works for you. We can always make some adjustments – but if your goals are that substantial, let us know so we can at least give you the best advice based on what we’ve seen when brides try to transform so much so fast.

All of these points lead to the same biggest piece of advice: make an appointment, ask a lot of questions, and be prepared to listen. You want a real conversation to get in sync with your boutique.

Because Buying a Dress is a Life Event.

We want to make it one you always remember with joy.

Give us a call now at (210) 828-5757 and start asking questions!

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