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The Selection You Want

We have what you want.

Take a look around the collections we have in stock and the couture houses who work excusively with us in the South Texas area. We know them. We know what they do well. So when you come to us for guidance, we don't just flip through pages of a catalogue with you. We can take everything we know about all of our design partners, hear your desires and dreams, and find a match.

You won't find a bridal boutique anywhere that offers the relationships we can provide. And that translates into the best selection to choose from for your magical day.

The Price You Need

You need to afford your dream. We know that.

Too many bridal boutiques, even here in Texas, find it too easy to bring you dream dresses from the top of their collection lines. We will help you find the most beautiful dress based on what works for YOU. That means that sometimes we start at the most reasonable end of the scale and discover the perfect match.  

We don't judge any dresses by their price tag. Our only consideration is that you have the day you've been dreaming of, in a dress that is purely beautiful.  If you wind up leaving a boutique more worried about the budget than you were when you walked in, your boutique has failed you.

We won't put you in that position - we will work with you to have the quality and service you deserve, at a price you can afford.

The Service You Deserve

If you just want price and selection, you could go anywhere.

We know this. Which is why we take such pride in providing the most thoughtful and thorough service available. We listen before we talk. We ask questions before we suggest. And we know what it feels like to start the dress-buying process when you're not sure you should speak up. So we get it when you start to bite your fingernails but still won't ask us any questions. 

Because being patient and creative is our job. At Mayfair Bridal, buying a wedding gown isn't an item on your list to be checked off. We take our decades of experience and turn that into a hundred tiny magic moments that result in happy, beautiful brides on the big day. 

That's how we measure our success. Come make an appointment so we can be sure to spend the time with you that you deserve.

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Whether your style is classic and traditional or bold and dramatic — it all starts with how your gown makes you feel. And nothing feels like an Allure.


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